Oh woe is me, hooray.


See the embed code!

For the first time yesterday, noticed embed code in the News & Record’s video media player. Thrill. Finally, the local paper’s video work could be more easily shared. Videos could be blogged, posted, and archived, like the Blackbeard videos, to my own blog rather than search the dismal dives of the N&R search engine. Sorry. But it’s true.

Clicked save, published, and view, and *poof.* The video wouldn’t post to my blog. And a search on the WordPress help section turned up a dismal resul: NO.

Woah. No.

Quite frankly, it’s just another bump in my WordPress adventure. I’ve been encountering a lot of frustrations with the self-publisher lately, and looking for a different solution. What’s a pirate girl to do? Complain. And research the options for another blog publisher that truly allows me to post and share the items of interest.

Still, I’m encouraged by the N&R’s take on providing sharable, embeddable videos. New era, I hope.

Bloody Blackbeard launches Thursday



The play officially premiers Thursday. And no, it’s not a musical. And no, I had no idea what I was in for. Looking back now I believe that’s a good thing. If you’d tried to tell me, I wouldn’t have believed you. I never do. I’m an experiential learner. Besides, who would have believed this?

You’ll sit in costume, in the near dark, for 14 hours a day, for a week solid.
You’ll get a stomach ache from nervously eating so many Altoids.
You’ll understand the meaning of the term “tech rehearsal.”
You’ll move at the painfully slow place required to button up every detail, from the positioning of the stage lights, to debating the color of your pants (white, or off-plum? Plum).
You’ll never be so tired and so thrilled at the same time.
You’ll never see so many creative minds coming together on a daily basis.
Your knees will knock at the top of the first song at Sunday’s preview.
You’re in for the biggest adventure of your life.

A new world


“In the old world, you were defined by what you consumed*. In the new world, you are defined by what you create.” Christopher Carfi, The Social Customer Manifesto.

Maybe that could help explain the lack of posts and communication. And thank you Darcie for the comment. In the last few weeks, I’ve been helping a few friends create things to spread the word about their creations, and doing a little bit of creating myself.

    Blog coaching Justin Catanoso for the promotion of his new book, “My Cousin the Saint.”
    Recording four new songs of my own to flesh out “Girl with Slingshot” album. These are not quite ready yet, but I’m feeling really good about the work so far.
    Developing more content for Tonya Martin and her pilates blog.
    Recording the music for Bloody Blackbeard.
    Exploring some freelance work with David McLean at the local ad agency King’s English (more to come on that)
    And moving again. For reasons beyond explaining in the blog here, I’m moving again. This time, to somewhere a little closer to downtown, with a pool (!) and an exercise room, and a balcony, and just a short walk away from Sean’s house.
    A little Dotmatrix Project producing. This post is one of the best descriptions I’ve seen Sean write yet–and likely, he’ll up this one in a few weeks, too.

Music on the high seas


Bloody Blackbeard rehearsal

Stephen from CharlesMedia came out last-minute late Thursday night to shoot promotional photos for the upcoming Triad Stage play, “Bloody Blackbeard.” Laurelyn Dossett and Preston Lane are working together again to bring North Carolina-based music and history to stage. Previously, Dossett and Lane worked together for the box office success of “Brother Wolf” and “Beautiful Star.” This summer’s production, which premiers in June, features the story of North Carolina pirate Edward Teach.