Rosalyn Harris-Offutt


Picture 7

Rosalyn Harris-Offutt. Photo by Alex Maness Photography. I’m working on a blogsite for her. It’s hard to describe just how much Ros has helped me in the last 5 years. I can say, though, that part of my fascination with her is her history. She’s part Cherokee and African-American. Born in Flint, Michigan to a Baptist minister and rebelled straight to the Catholic church at 16 (upon hearing the news, her father responded “all roads lead to God”). She spent her early career as an anesthesiologist, nurse, and now, is a counselor, writer, and psychotherapist in Greensboro. She’s told me some truths that shocked me into awareness. She sometimes cusses (when she’s trying to get your attention), she smokes in her office, and often speaks in rhetorical questions.

Thank you Ros.