Won’t Back Down/Stay With Me


For all the grief Sam Smith’s been given over the song, and Petty’s grace about the damn thing, I think in the end, the two tunes go pretty well together. Alex McKinney and I take a spin on the song one Sunday night in late February at Beer Co. in downtown Greensboro. The evening with music is hosted by Alan Peterson, and with all the music, the potluck, and the company, it’s a great balm for the Sunday blues.

Dotmatrix Project show Thursday night


Another dot in the matrix

No where can you see so much spontaneous collaboration. The Dotmatrix Project is a monthly show that brings together musicians, filmmakers, photographers, and sound engineers to document one evening’s live performance.

And from the audience of point of view, all that media really ups the performance ante. You’re not just watching the band. Photographers and filmmakers are the rock stars as they bend and glide around the music and the crowd to get the right shot. It’s a different kind of performance. Right down to the cover charge, or lack of it.

If you’d like to get involved, or you’re interested in sponsoring event, let me know. And hope to see you Thursday at the Green Burro.

A day in the life of a buster dilly




It’s hard enough playing an instrument when you know the material inside and out. So it’s double-dog-dare when somebody shows up to play without knowing a lick of the progressions, songs, or style.

But Jack showed up to M’Coul’s Tuesday night, fully aware of the challenge. We worked out a 2-hour set, on the spot, mistakes and scrunched-up faces on display for all to see. Jack’s jazzy chops, and ease of use with a variety of mallets and sticks on a small kit (kick, snare, and a few shimmering cymbals), made the night a challenge and a thrill.

Just before I took this picture he asked, “Ever done anything like this before?”

Me: “Nope.”

Jack: “Me neither.”

Now that’s a Buster Dilly.