A day in the life of a buster dilly




It’s hard enough playing an instrument when you know the material inside and out. So it’s double-dog-dare when somebody shows up to play without knowing a lick of the progressions, songs, or style.

But Jack showed up to M’Coul’s Tuesday night, fully aware of the challenge. We worked out a 2-hour set, on the spot, mistakes and scrunched-up faces on display for all to see. Jack’s jazzy chops, and ease of use with a variety of mallets and sticks on a small kit (kick, snare, and a few shimmering cymbals), made the night a challenge and a thrill.

Just before I took this picture he asked, “Ever done anything like this before?”

Me: “Nope.”

Jack: “Me neither.”

Now that’s a Buster Dilly.