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Food Truck Fight

The city of Greensboro currently prohibits Food Truck service in downtown proper. A mighty force of folks is organizing to put an end to the restriction. So, as my dear Irish friend Ingrid likes to say, this song is my wee contribution to the fight. Want to know more? downtowngsofoodtrucks.wordpress.com Food Truck Fight Let’s say your stuck in your cube…

Wrecking Ball (lyrics)

Wrecking Ball by Molly Miller and Molly McGinn Amelia’s Mechanics Old soul with a wrecking ball tied to her ankle jumps down a hole no kite. No kite. Queen of Hearts sprints up a hill only to stop and then stand still no kite. No kite. Stares down the hole and sprints again bleeding from a bullet in her left…

Instantaneous collaboration

I converted the You Tube links to .mov files with Zamzar. Then, uploaded the movie files and the .mp3 to iMovie. It took about two hours. And we have flight.