Dotmatrix Project show Thursday night


Another dot in the matrix

No where can you see so much spontaneous collaboration. The Dotmatrix Project is a monthly show that brings together musicians, filmmakers, photographers, and sound engineers to document one evening’s live performance.

And from the audience of point of view, all that media really ups the performance ante. You’re not just watching the band. Photographers and filmmakers are the rock stars as they bend and glide around the music and the crowd to get the right shot. It’s a different kind of performance. Right down to the cover charge, or lack of it.

If you’d like to get involved, or you’re interested in sponsoring event, let me know. And hope to see you Thursday at the Green Burro.

A whole bunch of Buster Dillys


Sunday afternoon at the Pour House for the Original Music Showcase. Seemed like a perfect opportunity to get a few Buster Dillys on stage. So on the last song, Deep Ellum Blues, I watched as one-by-one folks jumped up, grabbed their gear, and wailed.

At the end, when everybody got real quiet, then kicked up, I thought I’d about sail off that stage and never come back again.

There is no greater feeling than instantaneous improvisation and collaboration. Original Music is back in Greensboro.