Music on the high seas


Bloody Blackbeard rehearsal

Stephen from CharlesMedia came out last-minute late Thursday night to shoot promotional photos for the upcoming Triad Stage play, “Bloody Blackbeard.” Laurelyn Dossett and Preston Lane are working together again to bring North Carolina-based music and history to stage. Previously, Dossett and Lane worked together for the box office success of “Brother Wolf” and “Beautiful Star.” This summer’s production, which premiers in June, features the story of North Carolina pirate Edward Teach.



guitar tab

Started music lessons again today. This time with Scott Manring at String Studios by the Blind Tiger. The man can make two notes on a guitar sound like a thing of indescribable beauty.

I walked away today realizing I need to learn how to “see” chords on the guitar in terms of the notes on the scale. I’ve always thought of chords as shapes: the major shape, the minor 7th shape. Instead, Scott showed me how to see the notes within those chords, and what fingerings are actuall flatting the fifth, the seventh, and so on.

Hm. I’m glad he took notes for me.