Fitness goals

Joseph Pilates

Tonya G. Martin owns a Power Pilates studio in downtown Greensboro. She has a great studio space. Loyal devotees. Her Pilates mat class feels more like a personal trainer session than a group session.
And her business has steadily grown with nary a Web site, nor what she would consider a successful print ad. The cost to start a Web site seemed a little high and mighty. Print ads proved pitiful. And she’s grown fairly steadily through word of mouth.
Still, she’s interested in blogging, and wants a better presence online. She’d like to post a schedule online somewhere. She wants to grow. And she wants to do it without feeling like she’s sold out to the “sales” stereotype, which is good. People hate being sold, to.
She likes to write. She has something interesting to say. And, we can find ways to get some of Tonya’s services online in ways the competition can’t.
Some goals:
  • Help her clients focus on being consistent about coming to class
  • Grow group class attendance
  • Post her class schedule, videos, online
  • Start a blog
  • Schedule a photo shoot of her, and her clients talking about her

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