Ze is toast

Toast on the cooling rack

Originally uploaded by oskay

I started watching Ze Frank about a year ago. More like compelled to watch him. Sometimes, I’d visit his Web site 2 or 3 times a day. I’m relieved to know I didn’t take my fandom as far as this person, who burned his image onto toast. Still, I’m secretly jealous I didn’t think of it first.

Frank pokes fun at current events and the sub-culture that literally double-clicked him into greatness: myspace addicts. Still, Ze seems to be a fan of stepping out of the stoplight while he’s still wanted to be seen.

As I watched his recent farewell to myspace post, and clicked through to watch him make fun of the online dating service called True. As I watched, I realized people were coming back to Ze for something bigger than a laugh.

In the “comments” section, posters usually fall into two categories: Women who crush on him (ahem), and men who confess to him. Like this one:

“You made me feel good about the world again Ze. Thanks to you, whenever I’m down or scared, I just sing a little song. I don’t know why, but it helps me get over it. We all miss you Ze.”

He pokes fun at the online culture we’re all supposed to be obsessed with: online dating, changing myspace skins, corny home video blogcasts. It’s the same culture that sometimes makes me feel less like I’m part of a community and more like a loser if I don’t log on. Inspiration, not compulsion, drives me to check him out because I appreciate the chance to laugh at myself sometimes.

Rather, laugh at him.


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