Yep. She hired me.


beth mcalhanyI walked into this woman’s office for a job interview over five years ago. I was almost 20 minutes late, put both elbows up on her desk, and said “wasssup.”

Now, I know I was nervous, and trying to play it cool. Beth McAlhany saw right through it and hired me anyway. And every time I did anything right in my five-year career at Kindermusik, she reminded the good folks who doubted that initial decision, that it was a damn good one. Especially since a few folks weren’t so sure I had “the Kindermusik” in me.

And now, we’re working together again. Beth McAlhany owns her own marketing company, Beth Mac. She regularly networks with a supergroup of women who also own and manage their own businesses, and busy, busy, busy lives. They also refer to each other when a client asks for something that’s not in one of their marketing bag of tricks. They’re so social networking. They don’t even know it.

beth mac Tomorrow, I’ll join the conversation and talk about how social networks and blogs can possibly help their clients.

And Beth. This time, I won’t be late.

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