OMG. RDU tweets. LOL!

RDU Twitter

Disclaimer: I know, I’m old. But I’m not a fan of the OMG, LOL, text language. So I’m using it here as a point of irony. I think Sean read this post and thought I was changing my tune. LOL.

When I’ve talked with local businesses about blogging, there’s one comment that leaves me a little dumbstruck at first, then, of course, answering out loud to myself a few hours later. The comment is this: Social networking and blogging isn’t really that effective for big clients. It works better for small businesses.


RDU isn’t a small business. And they’re tweeting now. The Triangle-based International airport recently started using Twitter to update flyers on flight delays. Admittedly, I haven’t caught the Twitter bug. Mostly because I don’t care that much about the daily minutiae of my friends–which, is what a lot of folks seem to use it for. Here’s a twitter example: “OMG, just had the. best. turkey. sandwhich. :0” Frankly, sometimes I read a tweet and wonder whether they meant to say it out loud, let alone text, hit send, and publish. To me, Twitter is kind of an impulsive, verbal barf.

But Tara also wrote about a new Twitter guru who used the tweet text as a public service during the summer 2007 California fire. And RDU embodies that public service, and customer service, option for using Twitter, too. Reminds me of something from Seth Godin’s “Meatball Sundae.” The resonating notion he shared about this book in a Webinar urged listeners and readers to think about using the Web to provide information and services to your customers in ways the competition simply can’t.

We’re applying some of that thinking to Tonya’s pilates blog. Posts will include fitness, wellness tips, and recipes.

And since Twitter sends automatic text updates to a subscriber’s cell phone, it could be a good way to send out daily health tips and reminders, as well as reinforce Tonya’s philosophy that consistency is the most important part of your work out.

OMG, though. Is this the end of Twitter minutiae? LOL.

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