A piece of the blogospherial pie

Does pilates or yoga get more action online?

Should have known the blogosphere is infinite enough to claim a little corner of the universe for myself.

I scoped it out this morning on Trendpedia, a web site that lets you compare two or three topics, and see which trend or topic people are talking about the most online. Then, the site puts all that data into easily readable charts and pie graphics.

In the interest of Tonya’s pilates blog (still in beta) I wondered whether people blog more about pilates or yoga. Trendpedia lets you compare up to three topics, so I threw in Muscle Activation Technique, too, a muscle recovery program Tonya provides. Among these three topics, far fewer people blog about pilates than yoga. MAT doesn’t even compare.

I’m going to try out a few other combinations, but the information shows me how little people are talking about pilates online, and how Tonya has an opportunity to be first on the blogosphere to write more about pilates and MAT.

Trendpedia Via Trend Central The article also included Searchme, a more visually pleasing way of googling yourself, and iGizmo, which I’m still trying to figure out.

3 responses to “A piece of the blogospherial pie”

  1. someone is quickly becoming a consultant. nice job, mol.

  2. learning from the best.

  3. this is great! thanks for highlighting.

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