Oh woe is me, hooray.

See the embed code!

For the first time yesterday, noticed embed code in the News & Record’s video media player. Thrill. Finally, the local paper’s video work could be more easily shared. Videos could be blogged, posted, and archived, like the Blackbeard videos, to my own blog rather than search the dismal dives of the N&R search engine. Sorry. But it’s true.

Clicked save, published, and view, and *poof.* The video wouldn’t post to my blog. And a search on the WordPress help section turned up a dismal resul: NO.

Woah. No.

Quite frankly, it’s just another bump in my WordPress adventure. I’ve been encountering a lot of frustrations with the self-publisher lately, and looking for a different solution. What’s a pirate girl to do? Complain. And research the options for another blog publisher that truly allows me to post and share the items of interest.

Still, I’m encouraged by the N&R’s take on providing sharable, embeddable videos. New era, I hope.

One response to “Oh woe is me, hooray.”

  1. sounds like it’s time for you to step up to a hosted version of wordpress.

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