George Scheer

George Scheer

George Scheer, Collaborative Director for Elsewhere Artist Collaborative, explains a little of what he’s learned about the grant writing process. Number one: Know what the foundations are passionate about and connect them with the right projects and artists.

Last week, George met with representatives from Weatherspoon Art Museum and Downtown Greensboro Inc. to identify locations for a new art installation project planned for downtown during ArtBeat Greensboro. The three organizations are collaborating to bring tape artist Michael Townsend to the city. The Weatherspoon Art Museum initiated the project, Elsewhere is providing artists for the night-time, guerilla-like installation, and Downtown Greensboro Inc. is providing additional resources and support for the project.

Details coming soon. Meantime, sample some of tape artist Michael Townsend’s work on his flickr page and Web site.

For more information about ArtBeat Greensboro, visit our blogsite.

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