Wrecking Ball (lyrics)


Wrecking ball

Wrecking Ball
by Molly Miller and Molly McGinn
Amelia’s Mechanics

Old soul with a wrecking ball
tied to her ankle jumps down a hole
no kite. No kite.

Queen of Hearts sprints up a hill
only to stop and then stand still
no kite. No kite.

Stares down the hole and sprints again
bleeding from a bullet in her left shin
no kite. No kite.

‘Cane’s coming in.
Hurricane’s coming in.
‘Canes coming in.
Shiver and shine.

I see houses I see trees
like legos far beneath me
no kite. No kite.

I see water in a ring
a well is such a mighty thing
no kite. No kite.

And I want out.
And I want out.
Shive and shine.

She took the chain link into her hands
and pinched ankle steel to string
no kite. No kite.

She took the wreck she took the king
took the ball and through bending
took flight. Took flight.

Superjacent to
big tin foil balloon
Superjacent to
big tin foil balloon
Shiver and shine.

2 thoughts on “Wrecking Ball (lyrics)

  1. Such thought provoking words! I envisioned a storm of pain and fear turned into freedom at last. Having been fortunate enough to hear Amelia’s Mechanics perform it live, I can imagine some very creative video arising from this tune in the future. Thanks

  2. Molly,

    If your schedule is open and you’d like to play a private party at Belews Creek on the weekend closest to Aug. 7th let me know. A buddy of mine’s b-day. Redneck, music loving, good ol’ boy turning 25. (My son’s friend and mine.)

    Let me know… rsb2346@yahoo.com

    See ya,

    R. Boseman

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