5th generation, 4-season farmer, organic by a fluke: Faucette Farms

Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen Blog

LOCAVORE’S DELIGHT: The Series # 15. Follow us all summer long as we explore the bounty of our region’s farms.


You can’t round out a good locavore’s veggie plate without Mike Faucette and Faucette Farms.

The Lucky’s plate pictured above is like a mini-United Nations of community-owned farms: Guilford College squash, Schicker’s Acre kale, and Faucette Farms cucumbers.

If somebody can’t make it to the plate — if Schicker’s kale is between seasons — Mike is there to represent.

The 5th generation and 4-season farmer grows food year round, stocking his farmers market booth with certified organic green apples, eggplant, blackberries, blueberries, garlic, tomatoes, and these little cutie pies: pattypan squash.

About half of Faucette’s 500-acre farm is certified to grow organic foods that Mike supplies to restaurants, like Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen, and to niche grocery stores and foodie centers such as Green’s Grocery in Gainesville…

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