Food Truck Fight

The city of Greensboro currently prohibits Food Truck service in downtown proper. A mighty force of folks is organizing to put an end to the restriction. So, as my dear Irish friend Ingrid likes to say, this song is my wee contribution to the fight.

Want to know more?

Food Truck Fight

Let’s say your stuck in your cube
and your boss is being a boob
and all you need’s a little fresh air

But the line down at the diner’s
moving like a parade of shriners
from Elm to the Carolina Theater

Now you forgot to pack a lunch
And you’re feeling punch drunk
from that Ho-Ho and a glass of Yoo-Hoo!

And by 3 you need a brain
for that Skype with Baharain
As-Salamu Alaykum to you!


We gotta love on some grub in a food truck
Nosh on a tot made of roast duck

How about a little Sympathy for the Deli
put some good food in your belly
and drop some pounds
chasing the things down

So Beth in accounting
is calorie counting
And Frank announced
he’s newly Gluten Free

Henry says he’s cleansing
And Paula’s hesitating
between going Primal
and eating only organic meals

The office fridge is empty
and people are getting cranky
and there’s no budget for
a team build this year

If we could only grab a bite
as a group we’d be all right
if we only had some food trucks around here!

You know, you’re probably right
to be putting up a fight
we can’t have that kind of thing around hyeah!

Oh, we’re not an Austin
We’re not even a Boston
Are you gonna eat that 3 Muskateer?

Now let’s see, how was it,
That nice Post reporter put it?
She called us “derelict southern town”

It’s just so hard to take
we can’t wipe that smirk off her face
with a fish taco and basil lemonade to wash it down

We gotta love on some grub in a food truck
Nosh on a tot made of roast duck

We need a culinary revolution
or at least a swift solution
because I don’t think this city can take one more ridiculous political discussion
about not letting people make their own damn decisions.

bon appétit!

by Molly McGinn

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