Cluetrain Manifesto, push pull, and the future of managers

Having a couple turkey sandwhiches with my good friend Kathryn Brown and the folks at Beyond Email today. We’ll be talking about blogging, why people hate being yelled at, and passing the potato chips, please.

Poking around for videos to use beyond the usual boring blah, blah, I found this video of Teemu Arina succinctly sizing up the big ideas behind a very influential book, Cluetrain Manifesto. Both the book, and the man who introduced the ideas to me, changed my life.

4 responses to “Cluetrain Manifesto, push pull, and the future of managers”

  1. Molly,
    You are the best, thank you for bringing your blogging expertise, & funny wit to the group at BEM.

  2. Thank you, KB. I had a great time, and of course, love having any reason/excuse to laugh with you.

    See you next Friday for lunch.

  3. Omg, you’ve done it again – pointed me toward another life-changing book. I’m only in the first chapter, sitting here, nodding my head, having a conversation with the author in my head.

    Thanks, Molly, for paving the way. Have the corporate heads at your former place of employment read this?

  4. I think I may have passed it on via a link last year. And I know a few folks were open to reading it, and perhaps, not others. It’s a revolutionary way to manage, and I will say, that my former manager at KI, Lisa Rowell, embodied that spirit. She may be the best person I’ve e ever worked for, and KI is a better place just for having her there.

    It is a life-changer though, Merri. I look forward to seeing how it affects you in the coming posts, etc.

    You’re definitely one who is always open to change.

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