Just for Now, I’ll try

I’ve been lamenting lately in my head that I’m not making enough progress. Not enough progress on making the new record; on building clients for a small business; on bringing together a reliable bunch of Buster Dilly players to play with on a regular basis.

So I was primed this weekend when I picked up a book off Sean’s shelf. Something about “Coaching the Inner Artist.” Inside, the book’s first exercise was to put a chair across from yourself and have a conversation, a coaching conversation.

In my “session,” I asked myself why I haven’t been making music. And the answer was painfully simple: I haven’t been working on it. Defeated by phone calls that aren’t returned, by players that don’t knock down my door, dying to play with me. Defeated by a reality that consistently reminds me that I need to be the one knocking down doors.

And try as I might, I’m not going to find the players or songs on Perez Hilton, TMZ, or People. Somewhere along the way I got into the bad habit of searching those sites thinking, hoping I’d find something useful. Today, I’ve decided to give up those sites and fill my google reader instead with more productive feeds (I already have a headache just thinking about the withdrawl).

Just for now, I’ll try, and if the players don’t arrive, I’ll follow Imogene’s lead.

Hat tip: Melody Watson

6 responses to “Just for Now, I’ll try”

  1. ok, that video was amazing.

    you’ll make it happen, babe. music and collaboration is too deep in your soul to let it pass on by.

  2. And it’s only been two months, that I’m aware of, that this has been a full-time endeavor on your part.

    Sean’s right; you’ve got that music and collaborative spirit way *too* deep for it to just disappear, and your creative energy is undoubtedly going to burst out at any moment.

    Cut yourself some slack, take a deep breath, and just do the next thing. :-)

  3. […] people who think “outside the box” and produce some amazing results.  Courtesy of BusterDilly and Melody Watson, enjoy the creativity and innovative talent of Imogen Heap.  Believe it or not, […]

  4. *blush*

  5. It can be surprising when someone teeming with so much talent reveals such familiar challenges. The fact that you’re asking such questions and willing to answer them honestly says a lot about your direction. Hang in there – those of us enjoying your music don’t doubt you for a second…

    Enjoyed your set tonight. Thanks!

  6. It was a treat seeing you last night, and I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog these last few weeks. And thanks, so much, for the comments you shared here.

    I know everybody has those days, doubts, no matter what their craft is. I know I learn the most about myself when I share it, push through it, then enjoy the view.

    Thank you.

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