Sealed with about 500 pieces of scotch tape

Deliver the letter, the sooner the better

A letter of intent

That’s one cheap, unlickable envelope. It took three pieces of scotch tape to close that thing up.

Addressed and stamped twice because stamp prices change faster than gas prices these days. What’s it up to, now, like $5 a stamp? Licked, taped, and stamped in doubles and triples because I want to make sure this letter gets all the way up there to Echo Mountain Recorders in Asheville.

This little envelope with enclosed check and hand-written letter reserves a studio spot in early May at Echo Mountain for Molly McGinn & the Buster Dillys. The Asheville-based studio, built inside an old church, is yet another one of North Carolina’s best kept secrets. For its quality technology and archive of ancient instruments that no software or plug-in could ever duplicate, an impressive list of musicians have made Echo mountain a short-term home for recording proejcts.

Among the list of musicians who have fiddled with the studio’s antique instruments and amps:

The Avett Brothers
Lo-Fi Breakdown
Smashing Pumpkins
Amy Ray

Now I’m wondering. Should I have stamped it four times? Just in case?

7 responses to “Sealed with about 500 pieces of scotch tape”

  1. ha! the date is wrong in the letter.


  2. Perfect. It wouldn’t be a Buster Dilly production without one little–but big–goof.


  3. Holla back Hannah.

  4. […] bit of good news for fans — in preparation for the play, Molly headed back into the studio to record a few new songs to add to her best selling debut, Girl With Slingshot. And as she hit the […]

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