7 reasons small businesses should blog


By Ben McConell & Jackie Huba

1. They fan the flames of customer evangelism. Their personal nature helps humanize you and your organization.

2. They function as an instant-feedback mechanism. Most blogs allow readers to respond to your posts or link to them on their own blogs. These features provide almost real-time feedback on ideas and issues that strike a chord, or highlight new or existing problems. A blog can help reveal a little problem before it becomes a big one.

3. They compel you to Napsterize more of your knowledge more often. A blog is about sharing what you know, think and believe; search engines index your ongoing knowledge-sharing, making it easier for customers and prospects to find you. Attraction is always easier than hunting.

4. They facilitate the spread of buzz. Honest, informative or thought-provoking posts about issues important to customers and prospects tend to be spread more often.

5. They allow you to have more simultaneous conversations. It’s more than you could ever do in person.

6. Most blog service providers offer good-looking templates to use if your existing website design is embarrassing or non-existent.

7. They help position you as a knowledgeable expert in your industry.

Once you start blogging, here are five blogging don’ts:

3 responses to “7 reasons small businesses should blog”

  1. *Excellent* post and reference, Molly! Thanks!

  2. Nothing you didn’t already know, eh?

  3. Blogging is a large part of our marketing plan. I love it that it’s free. All it takes is a little time and creativity. The five blogging don’ts were good too.

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